Cafe «Orel»


Working hours: from 7 to 24 hours.

The cafe is located on the first floor in the building of the hotel «Orel» at the address: Orel, Mira Sq., 4.

We invite you for breakfast, business lunch, corporate evenings, dinners and banquets.

The style of the cafe «Orel» recreates the atmosphere of the Orel province of the 19th century and gives the guest a memorable image of our city as a regional center with a rich historical past.

In the interior of the café halls there are photographs from the archives of old Orel and exclusive stained-glass windows.

The cafe has two halls: for 60 persons and a VIP-hall for 14 seats.

In our cafe you will find a variety of delicious cuisine and a high quality of service, spend time with friends or family in a tranquil, cosy and pleasant atmosphere.

If you order any dishes from our menu, free Wi-Fi for you.

Will be glad to accept your order by phone: (4862) 55-38-48.

From the menu:

 1. Business lunch every day on weekdays from 12 to 16 hours (180 rubles for 1 person)

  • Salad "Meat"
  • Borsch with sour cream
  • Pancakes with chicken
  • Tea with sugar and lemon
  • Bread

 2. Coffee break (200 rubles for 1 person):

  • Coffee/ tea with sugar and lemon
  • Sandwich with caviar
  • Sandwich with ham
  • Sandwich with cheese
  • Puff with an apple

3. Furshet (400 rubles for 1 person)

  • Wine - 250 ml
  • Coffee/ tea with sugar and lemon
  • Tartlet with caviar
  • Canape with salmon
  • Canape with cheese
  • Canape with ham
  • Grapes - 100g
  • Confectionery product

4. Dinner "business-menu" (311 rubles for 1 person)

  • Salad "Vegetable"
  • Fried pork with boiled potatoes
  • Tea with sugar and lemon, puff with an apple
  • Bread

5. Banquet menu (1200 rubles for 1 person)

  • Assorted meat (plate for 5 persons)
  • Assorted vegetable plate (for 5 persons)
  • Cheese plate (for 5 persons)
  • Spicy salted herring (plate for 5 persons)
  • Aubergine rolls «Duet» (plate for 5 persons)
  • Salad «Emona» with veal, mushrooms, prunes
  • Baked pork «Selfish» and boiled potatoes
  • Bread
  • Vodka «Parliament» - 250 ml
  • Wine - 225 ml
  • Mineral water «Narzan» - 250 ml
  • Juice - 250 ml
  • Tea with sweet